Caterpillar – Purple/Black

Don’t let the name fool you, this necklace will be more of a favoured pet than a scary creepy crawly.

This bib-style necklace is made from a super-soft, flexible, and easy to clean tubing made from synthetic (non-latex) rubber. 49 strands of bright purple and black in the medium-width “Gomez” stripe make for a striking statement piece that will definitely turn heads.

The closure is a quick-release barrel clasp – just pull both ends and you’re good to go. While this necklace is currently cut to a longer length, it can be easily shortened to wear higher up on the neck as a choker, if preferred.

Length: 61cm – can be shortened by trimming ends
Materials: PVC tubing, plastic
Care: wipes clean with a damp cloth
Price: $60 CAD – contact to purchase