Glass Noodles

All that glitters is… glitter.

This bandana-style necklace (shorter sides and longer in front) is made from 50 strands of grey-tinted flat lacing embedded with glitter. Every movement causes it to catch the light, and it’s so striking that strangers will not only ask you where you got it, but if you’re willing to sell it to them right off your neck. (For real.)

The closure is a quick-release barrel clasp – just pull both ends and you’re good to go. While this necklace is currently cut to a longer length, it can be easily shortened to wear higher up on the neck as a choker, if preferred.

Length: 69cm – can be shortened by trimming ends
Materials: PVC tubing, plastic lacing, plastic closure
Care: wipes clean with a damp cloth
Price: $65 CAD– contact to purchase