Spooky Clackers

Are you old enough to remember clackers? A children’s toy with two large beads attached to a string that you would hold in the centre and jerk so that the beads clacked together, hopefully not catching a delicate finger in the process? Think of this waterfall necklace as a safer, more festive version of those.

This waterfall necklace is made from a super-soft, flexible, and easy to clean tubing made from synthetic (non-latex) rubber and a variety of 12mm acrylic beads in shades of purple, green and orange.

The closure is a quick-release barrel clasp – just pull both ends and you’re good to go. While this necklace is currently cut to a longer length, it can be easily shortened to wear higher up on the neck as a choker, if preferred.

Length: 66cm – can be shortened by trimming ends
Materials: PVC tubing, acrylic beads
Care: wipes clean with a damp cloth
Price: $60 CAD – contact to purchase